Composition at UD

UD Students on the steps of Old College with American composer, Aaron Copland
Over the years New Music Delaware and the New Music Delaware Festival has hosted numerous internationally-renowned, established and emerging composers from around the world through a wide variety of events. These events have ranged from concerts presented by UD faculty to master classes and workshops for UD composition students. In the early years, New Music Delaware hosted composers such as Copland and Persichetti. During the late twentieth century New Music Delaware hosted a regional composition competition. In recent years, New Music Delaware has hosted a wide variety of composers and new music ensembles on the UD campus, in addition to presenting performances of works such as Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire and commissioning new works. Whatever the form of the event, the highly vibrant and innovative New Music Delaware Festival continues its legacy of supporting the next generation of great composers and masterpieces! 
Upcoming New Music Delaware Events:

2021-2022 Academic Year 

The Galan Trio, piano trio from Greece, April ​20th 2022
John Luther Adams' Ten Thousand Birds, outdoor performance, May 2022 (date TBA)

New Music Delaware
Recent New Music Delaware Guest Artist Composers, Performers and Ensembles:

Joseph Vella, Caroline Shaw, Bright Sheng, Ofer Ben-Amots, Joseph Schwantner, Michael Daugherty, 
David Lang, Michael Torke, Jennifer Higdon, Eric Ewazen, Daniel Dorff, Patrick Long, Deborah Kavasch, 
Michael Lowenstern, Daniel S. Godfrey, Christopher Coleman, Stephan Prock, Andrew Bleckner, 
Robert Maggio, Paul Richards, David Finko, Bruce Mahin, Sebastian Currier, Pierre Jalbert, Anne Neikirk,
Peter Fischer, N. Lincoln Hanks, Houston Dunleavy, Judith Shatin, Robert G. Patterson, Liduino Pitombeira,
Daniel Dorff, Julian Holmes, Milica Paranosi, Karen Brown, Tony Solitro, Sergio Roberto de Oliveira  

TechnoSonics, Scottish Voices, Network for New Music, Relâche, Vocali3e, Ian Clarke, 
Patrick Long, Martin Jones, Robert G. Patterson, Gail Archer, Transcontinental,
Grant Youngblood, Vocal de Cámara Platense (Argentinian Choral Ensemble)

 Old Threads in New Tapestries Symposium on Words and Music (2019)
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Maria Frendo, University of Malta, Malta

Joseph Schwantner Festival (2013)
Guest Composer: Dr. Joseph Schwantner
Guest Speakers: Dr. Cynthia Folio, Temple University & Dr. Wesley Broadnax, Drexel University

UD composition students and faculty with New Music Delaware guest composer, Dr. Ofer Ben-Amots.
UD faculty and staff members after the New Music Delaware concert of Dr. Ofer Ben-Amots' compositions. 
UD composition and piano students with British pianist, 
Martin Jones after his November 2016 New Music Delaware 
Spring 2017 New Music Delaware 
UD Alumni Composer Concert
New Music Delaware Fall 2017 Guest composer, Dr. Robert K. Patterson, with UD Performers (above) and UD Composers (below)
Composer Daniel Dorff with UD composition student, Dalton Ringey (Spring 2019)
Librettist Cheri Magid & composer Tony Solitro with UD Theatre professor, Allan Carlsen, at the New Music Delaware Symposium (Fall 2019)
Dr. Maria Frendo & Dr. Anne Neikirk at the New Music Delaware Symposium (Fall 2019)
Composer Julian Holmes with UD composition student, Daniel J. Armistead at the New Music Delaware Symposium (Fall 2019)
New Music Delaware's first Virtual Concert, Fall 2020