Composition at UD

Our Recent Alumni
Undergraduate Degree/Study in Music Composition:

Dr. Lee Hartman , 2002

Russell Smith, 2004

Jessica Duome, 2005

Dr. Tyler Capp, 2006

Samantha Gans, 2006

Diane Jones, 2006

Michael Sterling Smith, 2006

Charles Warrick, 2007

Gracin Dorsey, 2007 

Samuel Peters, 2009

Joshua Green, 2009 

Greg Paroulek, 2009

Eric Daino, 2010

Katie Hayes, 2010

Alexis Renee Ford, 2010

Robert Hampton Hill Haislip, 2011

Andrew Mauro, 2011

Daniel Faber, 2012

Jesse Newby, 2012

Kenneth Brown, 2013

Helga Elizabeth Roth, 2014

Burjis Cooper, 2015

Max Dabby, 2015

Calvin Linderman, 2015  

Christiaan Clark, 2015

Carl Pariso, 2015

John Peter Bond, 2016

Daniel Despins, 2017

Graduate Degree/Study  in Music Composition:

Adam Baumol2008

Kevin J. Cope2009

William Pabón Montalvo, 2011

Lauren Wells Ketter, 2012

Jacob Clue, 2012

Tristan Bostock, 2012

David Brown, 2012

Michael Stambaugh, 2014

Andrew Mauro, 2014

Emily DeWoolfson, 2016

Dalton Ringey,2017

Megan DiGeorgio, 2017
Dr. Lee Hartman
Michael Sterling Smith
Michael Stambaugh
David Brown
Diane Jones
Samuel Peters
Eric Daino
Dr. Tyler Capp
Daniel Faber
Alexis Renee Ford
Graduates of the University of Delaware composition programs have been accepted in to masters and doctoral programs at institutions such as The University of Michigan, SUNY Stony Brook, UMKC, USC and NYU (film scoring degrees), Temple University, Rutgers University, Syracuse University, The University of Oregon, The University of Florida, The University of North Texas and the University of California-Riverside (video-game composition degree). 

Graduates of the University of Delaware composition programs have gone on to succeed in a wide variety of careers as: university composition and theory faculty; film score composers; video game composers and sound designers; freelance composers; executive directors of new music ensembles and recording companies; arts administrators; freelance classical, jazz and commercial-music musicians; choral, orchestral and wind ensemble conductors; music theatre singers/actors; and school music teachers.
Joshua Green
Robert Hampton Hill Haislip
Carl Pariso
Calvin Linderman
Emily DeWoolfson
Christian Clark
John Peter Bond (middle)
Burjis Cooper
Max Dabby
Jacob Clue
Tristan Bostock
Lauren Wells Ketter
Helga Elizabeth Roth
Andrew Mauro
Dalton Ringey (aka D.H. Regnier)
Daniel Despins
Megan DiGeorgio
William Pabón Montalvo
Kevin J. Cope
Adam Baumol
Russ Smith
Gracin Dorsey