Composition at UD

Our Composers
At the University of Delaware we like to maintain a Composition Studio size of around 12 composers across all three degree programs. With a Department of Music student-body numbering around 350, this select number for the studio allows each composer the ability to maximize the number of performances of his/her compositions. In any given semester the number of performances of composition student works within the UD Department of Music averages between twenty and thirty. 
Reah Sama,
composer & pianist,
B.M. in Composition 2025

Julián Camilo Puerto Medina, 
composer & clarinetist, 
M.M. in Composition 2023
Eric Tsavdar, 
M.M. in Composition 
Ryan Meredith, composer & trombonist, 
B.M. in Composition 2022
Seth Waldron, composer & vocalist, 
B.M. in Music Ed., Minor in Music Management, Minor in Composition 2022
Leah Whalen, composer & percussionist, B.M. in Percussion Performance,
Minor in Composition 2022
Leia Sofia Mendez, composer & violinist, B.M. in Composition 2023
Theresa Edwards, composer & vocalist, B.M. in Composition 2023
Jared Solet, composer & violist, 
B.M. in Composition 2024
Meghan Lalo, composer & vocalist, 
B.M. in Composition 2024
Benjamin McMonagle, composer & flutist, B.M. in Music Education, B.M. in Composition 2024
Michael Fascetta, composer & clarinetist,
B.M. in Music Education, 
Minor in Composition 2024
Robert Strauss, composer & flutist,
B.M. in Composition,
B.M. in Music Education 2025