Composition at UD

Daniel Morrison, composer and trombonist, M.M. in Performance, 2019
Jonathan Bergh, composer, guitarist and trumpeter, B.M. in Composition, December 2017
Daniel Armistead, composer and saxophonist, B.M. in Composition with minor in Music Management, 2018


Christian Johnson, composer and pianist, B.M. in Composition and Piano Performance, 2018

Our Composers
At the University of Delaware we like to maintain a Composition Studio size of around 10-12 composers, across all three degree programs. With a Department of Music student-body numbering around 350, this select number for the studio allows each composer the ability to maximize the number of performances of his/her compositions. In any given semester the number of performances of composition student works within the UD Department of Music averages between twenty and thirty. 
​Jorge Iván Ramírez, composer, M.M. in Composition, 2019
​Liana Stephen, composer and vocalist, M.M. in Composition and Performance, 2019
JiHeng Bi (Alex), composer and pianist, M.M. in Composition, December 2017
Chris Leich, composer and percussionist, B.M. in Percussion Performance, 2017 and M.M. in Composition and Performance, 2020

Brandon Ye, composer and cellist, B.Sc. in Environmental 
Engineering, 2020
Matthew Greene, composer, pianist 
and oboist, B.M. in Composition, 2020
Amylia Hoos, composer and pianist, B.Sc. in Physics, and Music Minor in Composition

Daniel Townsend, composer and pianist, M.M. in Composition 2019
Hannah Dale Scarborough, composer and vocalist, B.M. in Composition and Music Education, 2021
Liz Bellotti, composer and French hornist, 
B.A. in Music Management, 2018